Sharing My Story with the World

Sharing My Story with the World

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Linda Paula

I often collaborate with the media, writing stories about other people’s lives. These stories are usually very sensitive and personal. However, you won’t find much information about my own life, except for some work and lifetime interviews in magazines. It’s not that I don’t want to share; I’ve just never had the time to focus on my own story. And let’s be honest – it takes courage to open up in public – courage I never thought I had.

Then, unexpectedly, the Chief Editor of a well-known magazine approached me, suggesting: “Linda, let’s write a series about your life!”

I was shocked. My life? And not just one story, but a series?

Initially, I thought this wouldn’t be for me. My daily life as a stay-at-home mom with a newborn and a toddler didn’t seem particularly exciting. This magazine would require me to open up deeply about my home life in a year-long series – husband, kids, daily struggles, victories… I hesitated.

But then, I reconsidered. I’m passionate about other people’s stories, believing that shared stories raise awareness, explain situations, and make the world a better place. Moreover, as someone passionate about design, which fundamentally relies on empathy—stepping into another’s shoes—I realized that although people have opened up to me about their personal experiences for publication, I’ve never actually shared my own. This means I’ve never truly understood what it feels like to share a story publicly until now.

I agreed.

The first article I wrote was simple: “Hey, we are a happy family with two kids.” But the Chief Editor pushed for more, saying, “Linda, there has to be more. Tell us about your challenges and struggles.”

So, I opened up, which was frightening. I had to wait two months for the series to be published. When it finally hit the shops, I secretly rushed to see it. I hadn’t told anyone close to me – not my family, friends, or social media followers – about the article. I feared their reactions. But of course they found out, as the magazine was everywhere.

And the response?

It was overwhelmingly positive. People reached out with kind words, and to my surprise, I received lengthy messages of support from both acquaintances and strangers.

As the series progressed, my confidence grew. I wrote about subjects I never thought I would, like the loss of a baby, the balance of studies and career with two kids, and the candid realities of parenthood.

This journey taught me several lessons:

  • Authenticity fosters understanding and empathy.
  • People respond positively to honesty in stories.
  • To truly understand the people you serve, you must walk a mile in their shoes.

P.S. - I think it’s delightful for my children to grow up alongside these magazines. They’ll have a series to read about our life when they were little, which is something special.

This has been a profound experience. Sharing the struggles and love, more than anything, has been transformative. Love above all.

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