On cruise board serving others with the warmest smile while deeply missing family: Chelfin Saputra

On cruise board serving others with the warmest smile while deeply missing family: Chelfin Saputra

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Linda Paula

Chelfin Saputra, 24, is from Indonesia. He recently welcomed a baby girl named Elshanum Hafidzah Oceana, who is one month old. He hasn’t had the chance to meet her yet. Here is Chelfin’s story:

“I was born in Ngawi, Jawa Timur, Indonesia. I have an older sister, and we were raised by my mom and grandmother, both of whom passed away years ago. I miss them dearly.”

Looking for a better future

“After graduating from high school,

I was determined to learn English so I could work abroad.

My determination slowly led me to my current job on cruise ships where I work as a cabin steward. This is my second stint—my first was for 7 and a half months on a cruise ship in Asia, and now I’m serving several months in Europe.

The work is tough. I work from early morning until late at night, repeating the same routine every day for months—all I do is clean and serve guests. I do my best to always smile and be there for them, keeping their holiday stay as pleasant as possible. I don’t get to see much, just sometimes taking some photos of the beautiful places the ship visits.”

Family Keeps Me Motivated

“Back home in Indonesia, I have a wife.

She gave birth to our first child just a month ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to meet and hold my baby yet.

I miss them terribly, but my desire to provide them with a better life keeps me motivated to work, even when it’s hard. No matter how much I miss them, or how difficult it is to be away and work so many hours every day, I’ll always meet the guests with a smile and fulfill all their needs to ensure they have as nice a stay as possible.

Staying connected with my family is challenging and expensive.

My wife sends me photos of our baby, which I cherish, but downloading them comes at the cost of a reduced salary.

I have to work to support my family. I should be earning around 500 euros per month, but due to sometimes using the internet and video calling my family, I earn just above 400 euros monthly. The work is tough, and being separated is hard, but I’m determined to provide for my loved ones.

The future back home looks challenging in terms of finances, but I’m committed to supporting my family. Their love is my driving force, even if it means sacrificing my comfort and my ability to be with them.

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