Five-Time Egg Donor: Helping Families During Infertility Treatment. Aleksandra Chernova

Five-Time Egg Donor: Helping Families During Infertility Treatment. Aleksandra Chernova

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Meet Aleksandra Chernova, a young lady who has fearlessly donated her eggs five times, giving hope to families facing infertility. With courage, she navigated the egg-donation process, enduring medical tests, hormone therapy, and oocyte puncture to assist anonymous families in conceiving. Now, she shares her story to raise awareness about infertility and egg donation. Here’s the story from Aleksandra Chernova:

First-time Egg Donor

“Back in university during a biology class, I learned about infertility treatment and egg donation. At 19, with a love for medicine, science, and a curious spirit, I decided to give it a try.

I contacted an infertility clinic in Eastern European country Latvia, my home at the time, and set up a meeting. They asked many health questions, conducted a gynecological check-up, and took samples for tests. Thankfully, everything looked good. Over the next few months, more tests followed, including visits to a psychologist, and some took a while because they were sent to another country for analysis. Finally, I received the news that I was officially on the donor list.”

Waiting for a Call

“About six months later, the clinic called.

A family facing infertility was interested in having me as their egg donor.

I agreed, went for a visit, underwent more tests, and the whole process began.

My stimulation program lasted about two weeks. Every day, at a specific time, I injected hormone medications into my abdominal area. The clinic had provided me with training beforehand, making it a simple process. If there was anything I didn’t understand, I could always call and ask, and they would explain everything. Every few days, I had a doctor’s appointment where the gynecologist examined the development of the eggs and monitored my health status. My medical background helped me understand this process.

When the eggs were ready, the doctor decided on the date for the operation. Under full anesthesia, they retrieved up to four eggs from me. I rested for a few hours after the surgery, talked with the doctor about how I felt, and if everything was okay, I went home. A week later, I went back for a check-up, and we confirmed that the donation cycle was complete.”

Anonymous Donating

“The egg donation process in Latvia is anonymous.

I don’t know the people who receive my eggs, and the recipients don’t know me.

Similarly, I don’t know how many children have been born from my eggs. While I sometimes wonder about the well-being and appearance of the children, I acknowledge and respect the importance of maintaining confidentiality.”

Five-Times Donor

“My curiosity led me to my first egg donation. Always interested in medicine, I wanted to experience something extraordinary. The clinic provides 800 EUR as compensation for my egg donation, which was a nice bonus, but it wasn’t the primary reason for my decision. I genuinely wanted to help families.

Over the past five years, I’ve donated eggs five times. Each call from the clinic offering to make a difference in another family’s life gave me a deep sense of purpose. I was genuinely happy to be a reliable donor and help people who were wanting children but had to face infertility.

For any young woman considering donation but feeling unsure, I highly recommend an initial consultation at a healthcare clinic. It’s a chance to ask questions, get informative answers, and then reflect on your decision.”

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