Donor-Conceived Child. Emma Groenbaek

Donor-Conceived Child. Emma Groenbaek

Meet Emma, a young and powerful lady proudly identifying as a Donor Child. With openness on social media, Emma shares her unique journey of being conceived from a donor sperm and speaks about infertility.

Growing Up with Truth

“I was born into a loving family in Aarhus, Denmark, back in 1996. My parents, after facing six years of fertility treatments, finally got their wish for a little one – that’s me.

Despite what doctors suggested, my parents decided to be honest with me from the beginning. They created a special book to explain how I came to be. It became my go-to bedtime story, a children’s book that unfolded the story of my conception. In it, my parents shared that a kind man had helped by donating sperm.

So, practically from the time I could remember, I knew that my family really wanted kids but had trouble having them. After lots of medical tests, they found out my dad couldn’t have biological children at that time, so they used sperm from another man.

As the book was read to me repeatedly, I gradually grasped what being donor-conceived meant. Growing older, my questions got more complex, and my parents were always there to answer anything that came to my mind. This truth about my origin has been part of our family for as long as I can remember.

I’m incredibly happy about the choices my parents made. I had a joyful childhood in a loving family, always thinking it was just the way it was.”

Emma Groenbaek with her mother and father
Emma Groenbaek with her mother and father

Writing a Book and Creating Community

“At some point, I noticed many people were unsure about what it means to be donor-conceived. Some had questions, some were curious, and others faced similar challenges. That’s why I started sharing my experiences on my blog and Instagram, aiming to help others understand the reality of infertility and being donor-conceived by sharing my insights and contributing to the broader conversation about it. I believe that by sharing, I can help others navigate the challenges.

My parents are amazing. They’re open and supportive. Sometimes, they join in my blogging and answer questions from my followers. Over time, my Instagram profile became part of a very supportive community, and I talk to wonderful people every day.

Later on, I decided to write a book about my life as a donor child. The book talks about how it affected me, how my parents faced not being able to have kids, and how we handled the idea of donor conception in our family. I hope that by sharing my story, I can help others who might be going through something similar.”

Emma Groenbaek holding her book
Emma Groenbaek holding her book

Present Life

“Today, we’re a family of five. After a while, my mom and dad had access to advanced infertility treatments, resulting in the conception of twin sisters using both of their biological materials.

Now, I’m not just a donor child who speaks about my experiences; I also work professionally as a registered nurse with over five years of experience in the field of fertility. I believe I can empathize well with people going through infertility and with children conceived through fertility treatments.

Our story might not be unique; many couples worldwide face challenges in having children. I’ve chosen to share our story to raise awareness, and I’m fortunate to have great support from my family.”

Connect with Emma

You can connect with Emma on Instagram, Facebook or take a look at Emma’s website: To purchase the book “Donor Child: A Child of Love Paperback” by Emma on Amazon, go

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