I am a passionate storyteller through interviews, dedicated to fostering understanding and expanding horizons through authentic stories.

In 2020, I launched a blog and began writing personal interviews in Latvian. These interviews quickly gained recognition in the media, leading to exciting collaborations with well-known publications. I also became a featured writer and regular columnist, writing in-depth articles for a respected Latvian magazine.

In 2023, I decided to reach a wider audience by writing interviews in English, aiming to have a global impact and make a meaningful difference.

I believe in the power of building communities and promoting open communication. “Essence of People” is a platform that brings together a global community of individuals who value connection, networking, and supporting one another through their own experiences.

Join a community that shapes a brighter future through the power of storytelling and connection!

Some facts about me:

  • Networking is essential.
  • Bachelor’s degree in social education and psychology.
  • Master’s degree in management and leadership.
  • Beginning Master’s in Service Design in September 2023.
  • Continuous self-education is invaluable to me. Learning never stops!
  • Lived in the New York, USA as part of an exchange program.
  • Traveled to around 20 countries to experience different social environments.
  • Volunteered with children at an orphanage and served as a volunteer for orphans in Texas, USA.
  • Feel good in a clean, organized, and bright environment.
  • Have little tolerance for pushy suggestions.
  • Sincerely appreciate the people around me and I tend to remind them of that.
  • In people I highly value empathy, precision, and the ability to get things done.
  • Draw inspiration from real human stories.
  • Will continue my career in storytelling and creating better lives for people through designing better services.

If you want to contact me: